April Fools Day Pranks At Home 2017

April Fools Day Pranks At Home 2017: April Fools Day is the time when you can have fun with your all family member, no matter he is your father or even your mother. You can play some cool April Fools Pranks at home with your brother, sister, wife, husband, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, close friend or any other loved one. April Fools Day Pranks At Home are the family friendly thing that will create a playful, enjoyable, laughing and light environment at home. April Fools Day 2017 is falling on April 1st as it always comes. Also Check: April Fools Day Jokes

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April Fools Day Pranks At Home

Every parent wants to be closer to their children, and even ever son and daughter want to be friendly with them. So, on this Happy April Fools Day, let spend some quality time with your kids and let them feel your friend side. Keeping this thing in mind, we have made a best collection of April Fools Day Pranks At Home. You can also share this these April Fools Pranks at home with your friends and family, so they also can enjoy some funny and laughable time with their special ones.

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“You can create some funny toys which look very common but when anyone use them, they open with some colours with water and thus how you can catch you first April Fools.”

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“When it come to playing some April Fools Day Pranks with parents then what you do is like, you can do something unique with your parent’s daily using things. For example, you can paint your parent’s bath soap with some hard colours like nail polish and then let it dry. Now when they use it, you might get your parents caught in your April Fools Day pranks.”

“You can buy some plastic or wooden fruits or other things and then can use them for pranks with your mother, father, grandfather or any loved one.”

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“To prank with your kids or husband what you can do is, place some tape over the television or gaming remote and when they use it, you well get your April Fools.”

“You can play really good pranks with breakfast stuff and it will work for everyone in the house, it’s perfect for almost every mother.”

“You can add some plastic eggs with real eggs and ask your family members to eat them and it will work like a charm, doesn’t it ?.”

“You can hide your grandmother or grandfather’s artificial teeth and change with some rubber made teeth and it will work.”

“You can add some transparent plastic tape on the cover of toilet seat and it will surely catch your first April Fools at home.”

“You can replace plastic fruits in the basket against real fruits and it will make your day.”

“You can buy some fake dog or cat poop and play with them in front of your parents and make them April Fools Of The Year.”

“You can add some toothpaste on biscuits and ask your kids to eat it and they will easily become your April Fools Kids, What You Think? ”

“You can add some salt to your parent’s water and ask them to drink  🙂 and it will work.”

April Fools at home April Fools Day Pranks At Home

That’s it from our site for your April Fools Day Pranks At Home ideas and we hope you will like them. Although you can try some April Fools Pranks At Home from your side also as the new and unique thing will make more impact. So, don’t forget to share this with your friends and give them also the reason to smile, no i meal laugh 🙂